1st Domino Tournament in the Twin Cities at Bad Weather Brewing

sun20may1:00 pmsun7:00 pm1st Domino Tournament in the Twin Cities at Bad Weather BrewingBad Weather Brewing Company, 414 7th St W, Saint Paul, MN 55102

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Premier Latino Events Presents
1st Domino Tournament in the Twin Cities

That’s right, its finally here! Get your partner and join us for a double elimination tournament. (everyone guaranteed to play at least 2 games)

$30 single (we will pair you up)
$50 team (2 person)
1/2 the entries will comprise of the pot to split. Minimum teams to start tournament is 16 teams up to a maximum of 32.
$500 to winning team – $200 2nd and $100 3rd
(if 32 teams participate)

(minimum of 16 Teams)

Following are the rules for the Domino tournament. Double elimination Tournament to guarantee two games per team.
Schedule is as follows:
12 PM Registration
1 PM First Round Tournament begins
2:50 PM 1st Round End
3 PM Losers/Winners Bracket Begins Tournament begins
Each Round is one hour with 16 teams Tournament should end around 7 PM

Each player/Team is requested to bring a set of dominoes and table to the tournament, if possible. No player will be allowed to play with his/her own dominoes.

Tournament Rules
All 16 teams will be assigned randomly on the initial bracket. Each team of two will play each other once. The game will run until a team reaches 500 points or whatever team has the highest number of points at the end of the time.
If a tie occurs and end of time, all players will draw a single domino. Adding both sides of each domino, the team having the highest combined total will be the winner team.
When time is called to end the end of a round, any games still in progress must complete their current hand and then stop the game.
The 8 teams who are winners in 1st round will move to the Winners Bracket and the Loosing Team moves to the Loser Bracket. Losing team in Winners Bracket will then move to Losers Bracket in subsequent rounds. The winning team of the tournament will receive a cash prize of $200 & the 2nd place team will receive $100 (cash prize may be reduced or increased if fewer or more than 16 teams enter the tournament).
1. To begin play, each player draws one domino with the highest draw (adding both sides of domino) winning the first shuffle. Ties to be redrawn by the tying players.
2. The “domino shaker” role and play rotates clock-wise.
3. The first team to 500 points or higher or the team with the higher points at the end of the round Wins! (In the event that there are more than 16 teams, time of play may be reduce to 30 minutes or 200 points for the winner).
4. If at end of time and/or the game is tied, each team will pick a player to draw one domino with the highest draw (adding both sides of domino) winning the game. Ties to be redrawn by the other players.
5. Each player is allowed 30 seconds to make a move.
6. First player to use up all his/her dominos wins hand for the team. All remaining dominos will be counted and added to total.
7. In the case of Closed Game, (no player can place a domino on table) the winning team will be the one with the least amount of points combined.
8. A domino laid is a domino played.
9. Any attempt of “talking across the table” will result in loss of hand.
10. Renege (misplay) counts as a loss of the hand.
11. No player substitutions are allowed after the tournament has begun.


May 20, 2018 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm(GMT-05:00)

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