Urban Growler Brewing Company

Urban Growler Brewing Company

There are lots of great Twin Cities breweries but only a few cover all the bases with delicious beers, great food, and a fantastic taproom. Urban Growler Brewing Company checks all the boxes when it comes to what a brewery should be.

The Greatness Of Urban Growler

The first women-owned craft brewery in Minnesota, Urban Growler Brewing offers it all. Their St. Paul taproom is a must-visit spot for numerous reasons.

Beautiful Beers

Let’s start with the most important piece. Urban Growler crafts wonderful beers. They offer a wide-range of brews, so there’s something for everyone.

Urban Growler Cloudy Sunshine IPA

Their flagship beers are a great range that appeal to any beer drinker. Cowbell Cream Ale®, Kentucky Uncommon™ and De-Lovely® Porter are delicious brews all beer drinkers will enjoy. The Midwest IPA™ and Golden Hammer IPA have the hop-heads covered, with both offering a nice balance of hop character and supporting malt body.

The Plow To Pint® series offers up a range of interesting creations that use ingredients from local farms. Beers like the Cranberry Kettle Sour and Wild Rice Brown Ale bring local ingredients to glass.

Seasonals and specialty brews explore all kinds of inventive styles. The Endicott Double IPA is a heavy hop hitter, while the Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale is spectacular sipping, glass-after-glass. They’re also experimenting with different hard soda options in their Concocktail™ series, for those that might not be feeling a beer or want something different.

Where many breweries have become single-sided in what they offer, Urban Growler always has a range of offerings to keep everyones tastebuds happy.

Fantastic Food

Forget the food trucks, Urban Growler has a full kitchen to fill you up. They’ve got something for any appetite and it all pairs wonderfully with a pint of their beer.

Urban Growler Oktoberfest

The appetizer offerings aren’t boring bar food. They’ve got dips, wings, and baskets of things. A light snack, or you can make them a full meal. Soups and salads too.

Sandwich options are awesome, with the Cubano Sandwich and Reuben being two favorites. Tortilla chips, tots, fries, or fresh-cut veggies, they’ve got the sides covered.

Their burgers are fresh, delicious, and not over-dressed. Their toppings keep it interesting, without going crazy.

The daily specials are where it’s at! Ever-changing options for Taco Tuesday, Burger Wednesday, and Hot Dish Sunday keep it interesting. The Friday Fish Fry will make you feel like you’ve gone to Wisconsin, without the drive.

Being family-friendly, they’ve got the kids covered, with options that’ll appease even picky eaters.

They really do brew food right, with numerous options, no matter what you feel like eating.

Awesome Atmosphere

One of the pieces that really sets Urban Growler apart is their taproom and beer garden.

The taproom is open and welcoming. The bar offers plenty of room for those that want to belly up, with the brewery right behind.

Urban Growler Brewing Taproom

The dining area is spacious and offers high and low-top tables, with the ability to accommodate groups of any size. The taproom is lively, without being too noisy and always feels open and airy.

Outside, the beer garden is an urban oasis. Plenty of seating and vegetation, it feels like you’ve left the city, even though you’re not far from downtown St. Paul or Minneapolis. It’s a sunny spot that’s the perfect place to enjoy Minnesota during the spring, summer, and fall, with a pint-in-hand.

Being well-behaved kid-friendly, they also have a game room to occupy the young ones (or young-at-heart) while parents enjoy a brew.

The Urban Growler staff are phenomenal. Every visit you’ll find them smiling, laughing, and really enjoying themselves. The service is top-notch, and they’re well-educated to help provide insight on their offerings.

Inside or out, it’s an awesome space to enjoy great beers and delicious food.

Great Events

Urban Growler is a great location to hold any event. Their Twin Cities brewery event space is perfect for hosting any-sized group. The Hayloft and Barrel Room are classy, cool, and acomidating.

They take care of all the details, so you don’t have to worry. Beer, food, and more, their Event Manager will make magic happen.

All Around Amazing

Wonderful beers that span the spectrum, delicious food that’s sure to delight, warm and welcoming space, stellar staff, and enlivened event space, Urban Growler really does have it all.

Check out the Urban Growler Brewing Company taproom and kitchen in St. Paul and see what makes them so special. You can also grab their brews in liquor stores and on tap around the Twin Cities. No matter where you go, as they say, “We’re beer for you!™”