Bauhaus Brew Labs Bolero Hard Seltzer

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA (December 11, 2020) — After a year of success with its BOLO line of hard seltzers, Bauhaus Brew Labs is pushing the seltzer category forward with the launch of BOLERO, a hard seltzer made with real cold-brewed tea and real fruit. The first flavor to hit the market will be BOLERO Peach Tea-Infused Hard Seltzer.

It’s no secret that hard seltzer continues to experience an epic boom. According to Nielsen data, off-premise sales of hard seltzer in the US quadrupled on a year-over-year basis in 2020, further propelled by the global pandemic, which has led to more at-home consumption.

What truly sets BOLERO apart from other hard seltzers is the infusion of real cold-brewed tea and real fruit. Bauhaus worked with an East-Coast-based tea supplier to develop a custom tea and fruit blend that the brewery cold brews in-house before the tea is expertly blended with a custom hard seltzer base. The result is a deliciously fresh take on hard seltzer.

“Early this year, we began taking a closer look at how we could push hard seltzer a little further in terms of complexity and flavor profile,” explains Bauhaus President Matt Schwandt. “We had a separate concept in mind for a line of tea-based beverages, and then Nick [Rancone of Revival] suggested that we develop a peach tea hard seltzer. But instead of just using flavor extracts, we wanted to really elevate BOLERO by using real tea and real fruit – the way we would add those flavors to beer.” According to Schwandt, the tea and fruit blend used in BOLERO Peach includes “black and green teas, rooibos, matcha, peach, lemon, lime, and papaya.”

To further elevate the excitement surrounding the launch, Bauhaus is partnering with longtime partner Revival on BOLERO’s first flavor. Similar to the exclusive beer Bauhaus Brew Labs previously produced in collaboration with Revival (Slawhammer Kentucky Common), BOLERO Peach Tea-Infused Hard Seltzer was specifically designed to pair with the deep and spicy flavors of Revival’s fried chicken and other Southern-inspired offerings.

Consumers can expect to find BOLERO Peach Tea-Infused Hard Seltzer in 4-packs of 16 oz tallboys at liquor stores and at Revival’s Minneapolis and St. Paul locations starting the week of Monday, December 14th. BOLERO clocks in at 5% ABV; additional nutritional details are forthcoming.