Good Morning from Bauhaus!

Hope your week is going well. Wanted to give you a quick update from the Haus- we recently expanded our non-alcoholic offering with the release of “Nah” Non-Alcoholic Amber and there’s no better time like the present to be expanding our NA options.

If you’re in the beer industry or report on it, you’re well aware that off-premise alcohol sales skyrocketed in March.  This past Spring, Nielsen reported that alcohol sales in the U.S. rose 55% and online sales rose 243% compared with that same week in March the year before.  As the pandemic has continued, there has actually been an increase in non-alcoholic beer sales as well.  As quoted from a Forbes article this past week, “According to Nielsen, nonalcoholic beer sales went up 44% in the U.S. in May compared to last year. This change may indicate that the initial rise in alcohol consumption during the outbreak was temporary, and some people are now using nonalcoholic beverages to control their drinking at home.”

As everyone continues to adjust to the new world and strike a balance between health and indulgence, Bauhaus is thrilled to offer a non-boozy option to those who still want to satiate that craving for a crisp beer, without the negative side effects of alcohol.  Whether it’s a lifestyle choice or you simply want to take the weekend off, we want people to know that it’s ok to say “Nah”.

“Nah” Amber will live alongside our “Nah” Helles Lager as a seasonal non-alcoholic release, with additional seasonal releases on the slate for 2021. Pouring a deep garnet color with a creamy white head, “Nah” Amber imparts a smorgasbord of caramel, Munich, and biscuit malts to create a smooth body balanced by a mild hop bitterness that brings a little brightness to each sip.  For those who aren’t familiar with “Nah” Helles, this style is a refreshing non-alcoholic version of a true-to-style Münich Helles brewed with 100% German-grown malt and hops. “Nah” Helles features a bready malt flavor and a mild hoppiness with notes of ripe melon and bright berry.

Both “Nah” varieties are available on draft at the taproom and 6-packs can be purchased both at Bauhaus and at liquor stores across the metro.  Additionally, we are now shipping both styles of “Nah” nationwide!  6-packs of “Nah” can be purchased online here: