Graphic that will be on the limited-edition glass available on Minnesota Pint Day at breweries across the state.

MINNESOTA: On December 8, more than 50 Minnesota craft breweries and brewpubs will celebrate Minnesota Pint Day through the sale of limited-edition MN Pint Day pint glasses. MN Pint Day was created this year by the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, the state’s nonprofit association for craft breweries and brewpubs.

The day, and the special glassware, is meant to help breweries draw customers and generate extra revenue on a typically slow day at the start of the quiet winter season. Individual businesses will decide how to celebrate MN Pint Day, what promotions to offer with their pint glasses, and how long to offer those promotions.

Pint glasses can only be found at participating breweries and brewpubs while supplies last. The pint glass artwork pays homage to the variety of landscapes in Minnesota, according to the featured artist, Andrew Saur of Castle Danger Brewery. “From all corners of the state, we can come in together from the cold, raise a glass and say ‘Cheers!’ to Minnesota Pint Day!”

Quote from Interim Executive Director Jess Talley: “MN Pint Day gives craft beer fans a fun excuse to gather their friends, grab a few pints, and support their favorite breweries and brewpubs. When customers visit, purchase beer, or buy merchandise and gift cards over the holiday season, it really does have a huge impact for these small businesses, especially during the slower winter months.”

To see all participating breweries, details about their promotions, and glassware artwork, please visit: