NORTH LOOP, MINNEAPOLIS, AUGUST 21, 2022 — Following the state of Minnesota’s legalization of hemp-derived THC products, Modist Brewing Co. will begin offering a new line of cannabis-infused fruited seltzers. TINT THC seltzer is a low-dose, non-alcoholic beverage that will be available for sale in Modist’s taproom beginning Friday 8/26/22, and throughout Modist’s distribution footprint to follow.

“Adding THC products into the mix is truly on brand for Modist,” says Modist Co-Founder and Flavor Overlord Keigan Knee, “We’ve always approached beer from an experiential mindset to push boundaries, now THC products are another opportunity for me to modify and create something new.”

TINT, an acronym for “Thanks, I needed that”, will debut in 2 flavors (Mango Passionfruit and Blackberry Lime) with 3 mg of THC per 16 oz serving. TINT is made using only real fruit, MN-grown hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, and 100% local water. In the coming weeks, Modist will also offer a 5 mg version of the seltzer.

“We’re excited to play our part in changing the narrative around THC in Minnesota,” added Modist Co-Owner and Head of Marketing Daniel Paul Wellendorf, “We believe that THC can play a safe and important role in Minnesota’s social world, and we’re happy that our state has taken steps to make it happen. We needed that.”

Learn more about TINT THC Seltzer from Modist Brewing here.